I'm just back from two weeks visiting family and friends in Ontario. I've returned with a tan and some peeling skin, and a dead camera containing water from Hailstorm Creek at Lake Ogeongo, and minus a credit card, a debit card and an iPhone 4 (32GB) and some C$. The subtractions follow a theft of my property from the Delta Chelsea Hotel in Toronto, and I won't be going there again - ever. Fortunately the positive side more than balances the negatives.

It was great to meet up with our extended family again (last visit 2008). We stayed in Sharon, near Newmarket. We were part of an 84th birthday celebration. We drove around in a hired Lincoln MKS. We spent a few restful days at the Fairy Bay Guest House near Huntsville. We went canoeing in Algonquin Provincial Park. We saw the musical Camelot in Stratford. We visited the McMichael Collection at Kleinberg, where we were introduced to the work of Marc-Aurèle Fortin for the first time. We visited the Art Gallery of Ontario and saw some wonderful work of William Kurelek (among others). We had dinner at the Lobster Trap in Toronto. We were in Toronto on its hotest day on record (37.9c) and we kept our cool on an open-top double-decker bus tour and a ferry ride on Lake Ontario.

Back home our 17 year old cat remains miffed that we dared to go off without him, but I think he will forgive us in time.


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